Hull Blisters

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Hull Blisters

Postby vancouver » Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:04 pm

It seems I am having a run of problems.

I just hauled the boat out to bottom paint. I first noted some blisters, all small, and not there 2 years ago when it was bottom painted. Under pressure washing, some of the gelcoat came off and fiberglass was exposed. It didn't seem that there was any laminate involvement yet. Anyone have a similar experience?

Right now I am planning to sand down to fiberglass in Sept, barrier coat and antifoul the bottom.
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Hull Blisters

Postby Jerry » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:22 am

Due to a lot I had read on this site and the previous one I had the boat professionally barrier coated by a local yard the first winter. Some areas (hidden by that factory coat of bottom paint) that had been repaired during manufacture were found and fixed. This has held up below the waterline for three years now. I am also getting blisters above the waterline on the bow of the main hull. My boat yard can not figure out the reason and as with ours they do not seem to go into the laminate. I had one repaired over that first winter and now have 4-5 ranging from 1/2" to 1 1/2" in diameter that I plan to have repaired next spring leaving the winter for them to dry out.
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Hull Blisters

Postby drsm » Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:57 pm

Had two large ones in the hull the first year and a small spot on the cabin top. All were as you described and were exposed during pressure washing. I had them professionally repaired, the bottom stripped and barrier coated and bottom painted. No problems since. Had the bottom painted again this winter--still no trouble.

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